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The picture on the left was taken in Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada here.

The other picture was taken at Banff National Park of Canada here.

“Rugged, windswept mountains rise abruptly out of gentle prairie grassland in spectacular Waterton Lakes National Park. Here, several different ecological regions meet and interact in a landscape shaped by wind, fire, flooding, and abundant plants and wildlife. The park helps protect the unique and unusually diverse physical, biological and cultural resources found in the Crown of the Continent: one of the narrowest places in the Rocky Mountains.”

For more information visit Parks Canada.


The first sun rays hit the very top of the mountain peak across the lake at Waterton National Park in Alberta Canada.

All pictures taken in Late December of 2010 – Courtesy of JarvieDigital Photography

We’ll be featuring a lot of pictures from this road trip to Canada and down to California


These are the first rays on another peak on the same day.

Below is just before the sun hits the park or any of the peaks


One more look of the first rays of sun to light up those clouds.

Here’s a bit more of the scene the other direction



If you’ve never been to Waterton it’s right on the USA – Canada Border in Alberta

In fact the mountain in the above picture probably is partially in USA

To learn more about Waterton go to their site

You can also see the Wikipedia Entry

And one random site that caters to trips to Waterton


The last post was some pictures while walking around mostly the inner portion of the small city.

This day I went down to the water front and did some sunrise pictures and then some more pictures downtown during the evening.

Since we already went over the city itself in the last post I’ll just talk about pictures more than the places.

(Above) A quaint road running along some ocean view property (Below) what they get to view


Nice little sunrise greated me as I went down to the nice bouldery beach… haha.
On a side note I did see a couple of sand beaches on the other side of the island… mostly black sand.

So while the island is beautiful it’s not your typical lay on the beach get-a-away vacation island.

 003_SCA4890 011_SCA4889



This week Scott and I had the special treat of interviewing Charles Uibel. He is one of the most talented photographers in the Salt Lake area, and has taken some amazing pictures of the Great Salt Lake. Little about the lake is known, or explored by the general public, but Charles took the time to enlighten us.  To listen to the mp3 version click here

To go to Charles Uibel’s web page click here

Charles talks about the train track that divides the lake

Charles talks bout taking a picture of the gulls and antelope island

Charles talks about the great expanse and tracks on the salt flats

Charles talks about the multiple reflections of a full moon rising

Charles talks about doing bridals on the Great Salt Lake (more…)